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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

March 03, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine will not be compulsory in Nigeria – Minister

Olorunnimbe Mamora

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Health, Olorunnimbe Mamora, has said that the COVID-19 vaccination will not be made compulsory in the country, affirming that nobody will be forced to take the vaccine.

While appearing on Arise News to answer questions on the vaccines, Mamora said nobody will be forced to take any vaccine including the COVID-19 vaccine in the country. 

When also asked if it might become mandatory further down the line, Mamora answered that it would not be a decision of the country if that happens.

The Minister said that just as one can’t travel to some countries without having the Yellow Card certificate, countries might start to demand a COVID-19 vaccination certificate before allowing outsiders in.

Mamora added that Nigeria may be influenced by a demand by countries for a certificate of vaccination, stressing that it “may just be something that will become global”.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March 02, 2021

No COVID-19 vaccines for under-18 _ PTF

The Presidential Task-Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has said that Nigerians who fall below the age of 18 years will not receive the COVID-19 vaccines in the country. 

Stating this, Minister of State for Health, Dr Olorunnimbe Mamora, said that the Federal Government planned to cover 70% of Nigerians within two years. 

The Minister said that only the National Primary Health Care Development Agency would import and manage the vaccines until further notice, and warned that private organizations were not permitted to procure, distribute and administer the coronavirus vaccines. 

Meanwhile, to ensure the smooth management of the 4 million vaccines the country is getting today being Tuesday, March 2, Mamora said the PTF had approved the TEACH strategy and the electronic immunisation systems. 

Mamora said that the TEACH strategy approach harnesses all benefits of electronic assisted, traditional, and concomitant house-to-house registration to optimise the use of innovative technology. 

He added that the TEACH approach entails the traditional method of vaccinating target populations using desk review of available data sources, identifying vaccination sites and roll-out. 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

February 27, 2021

FG To Sell Crude Oil To Dangote Refinery

The Federal Government of Nigeria has disclosed plans to sell crude oil in Naira to the $15billion-worth Dangote Refinery still in construction.

It said that it was part of measures adopted to strengthen the nation’s currency and by extension its economy.

This was disclosed by the Governor of Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele, during an inspection visit to the construction site on Saturday, February 27.

“We have taken the decision to sell the crude to the Refinery in Naira because we want to impact the economy.

“We also hope that by the time the Refinery start to refine, and sell its petroleum products in Naira, the local currency will be stronger, and by extension the nation’s economy, which is still oil-driven,” He said. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

February 26, 2021

Benue Man Cuts Off Manhood To Control Libido

A Benue man identified as Terhemen Anongo, has cut off part of his genitals to curb his libido. 

Anongo, who is popularly called Doc K or Bob Korna, hails from Gboko in Benue state. 

According to Anongo, he couldn't control his urge and thirst for women. Hence, he decided to follow the advice in the Holy Bible by 'cutting off which causes him to sin'. 

Anongo, who was a medical student in the University of Ibadan, dropped out in his final year in 2007 owing to psychiatric reasons and has since been living alone in his father's house. 

He had chased out other relatives who he accused of being behind his plight. 

However despite dropping out of school, Anongo is highly articulate and still intelligent. 

Anongo who now transports trader's goods in a wheelbarrow to make ends meet, said one thing he couldn't control was his libido. 

To put this in check, he had sought genital surgery from several medical professionals but he was turned down.

Anongo who probably still had a bit of medical experience took matters into his own hands, as he acquired the required medications and tools and proceeded to perform the surgery. 

He chopped off his right testicle after dabbing local anaesthetics on it as he was also determined to remove the left one as well. 

He however stopped due to excessive bleeding. 

He walked to a hospital where he was treated and discharged after being placed on admission for few days. 

Having discharged and still recuperating, he said he won't proceed with removing the remaining testicle. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

February 25, 2021

Fisherman Discovers Mutant Baby Shark With Human Face....(PHOTOS)

An Indonesian fisherman, Abdullah Nuren, has expressed shock after finding a mutant baby shark with a human appearance face. 

48-years-old Nuren found three pups inside a mother shark and noticed one of them was deformed. 

Nuren caught the wierd creature off the coast of Indonesia on February 21, Thursday. 

While he preserved the mutant pup as he believes it will bring him good luck, he said it was the only pup to have been so deformed after catching its mother. 

"I initially found a mother shark trapped and caught in the trawler net

"The next day I split the belly of the mother shark and found three pups in the stomach. Two were like the mother and one looked like it had a human face," he said. 

Nuren said that while he took the baby shark home to his family who helped him preserved it, neigbours had offered to buy the shark but he refused. 

"My home has been crowded with people who want to see the shark. Many people want to buy it, but I will preserve it instead. I think it will bring me good luck," he added. 

Credit: DailyStar UK. 
February 25, 2021

My father used to work at a fast food restaurant in America - Davido reveals


Popular Nigerian musician, David Adeleke aka Davido, has made known some revelations on the early humble beginning of his Billionaire father, Adedeji Adeleke. 

The 'Fem' coroner during a live performance on Npr's tiny desk with the hashtag #DavidoXTinyDesk, said that his Dad worked as a manager at a popular fast food restaurant in the US. 

Davido said his Dad has been one of his biggest inspiration, as he recounted that they both studied in America. 

He said he and his Dad, Mr Adedeji studied at HBCU, a predominantly black college in the US. 

According to the DMW Boss, his father used to work at Burger King in the United States. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

February 24, 2021

Donald Trump Appeals Indefinite Suspension From Facebook, Instagram

Donald Trump
                                                                                Immediate past US president, Donald Trump, has reportedly filed a statement appealing his ban from Facebook and Instagram to an independent oversight panel.

Trump submitted a “user statement” to the oversight board which the companies created to oversee bans and suspensions.

In lieu of the appeal, a decision on whether to let the former US president back on the massive social platforms is expected in April.

Trump was indefinitely suspended from Facebook and Instagram which is owned by Facebook on January 7, a day after a crowd of his staunch supporters stormed the Capitol after a speech he delivered in which he insisted the presidential election was stolen from him.

While Trump was also suspended from YouTube, he was permanently banned on Twitter as the latter says it has no plans to rescind or review the ban even if Trump runs for president again.  


Credit: Reuters, Britain’s Channel 4.