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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

My mum is 4 weeks pregnant for my husband, they are pleading for me to keep it secret_ Lady seeks advice

An unidentified lady has seeked for advice on a Facebook page after discovering her mother is pregnant for her husband. 

According to the 22-year-old lady, she got married around January last year and gave birth on March, 2020. Then her middle-aged mother had come around to check on them. 

After staying for over two months and two weeks as she was supposed to go back to the village, the lady's hubby insisted for an additional one month stay since there was still lockdown. 

Drama started unfolding when her mother became sick as she thought it was malaria. While she took her to the hospital for several tests, it was discovered that her mum is four weeks pregnant for her husband. 

While her Mum and husband are both pleading for her to keep their misdeed a secret as they plan to abort the baby before her mum goes back to the village, she is angry and confused on what to do if she should report to her Dad in the village and also quit the marriage. 

What's your advice for her?. 

Credit: Fun Lovers TV 

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