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Saturday, May 1, 2021

'I once went through a female artiste's phone and here's what i found' - Don Jazzy reveals

Don Jazzy 

It is alleged that men have their way easier than women in the Nigerian music industry. This isn't a surprise nor a secret as many artists have previously discussed how things are different for women and men, particularly when it comes to sexual favors requested by both genders.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Don Jazzy, the CEO of MAVIN Records, discusses the various issues his female acts face while his male acts do not. 

Speaking with BBC Pidgin, he said;

"I’ve noticed that it is easier for the guys in music more so than it is for the women. I have a record label so I have male and female artistes. In the past, I had the opportunity to go through a female artiste’s phone and read conversations that she had with a bunch of producers. Not only producers, also TV people, different people in the industry – everybody wants to have sex. This one wants to have sex, that one wants to have sex, everybody wants to sleep with them. It’s tiring and I feel so sorry for them. That’s one aspect.

He stressed that the system need to be fixed and there's need to train the male child better from infant so they can be responsible adults. 

He advised that young female folks should probably start calling out men involved in the shameful act as it could help deal with the increasing menace. 

"If you go and meet a producer and the producer tells you that they want to sleep with you, call him out!", he added. 

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