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Friday, October 8, 2021

[SPONSORED] Ever heard of UPAP Stock from Black Wall Street?, 5 Reasons why you should buy your UPAP Stock now

What is UPAP? UPAP is shares to the entire business operations of the Back Wall Street pegged per share at $100 per month in dividend and $30,000 in Cash Out Value. UPAP is secured using 20,000 Investment Points gained from purchases at Redirect Mall (quickest option is purchase of 2 Computer Tablets). 

20,000 UPAP shares were issued by the Black Wall Street in November 2017 and none of the following 5 reasons was available at the time of issue of these shares. Government opposition to the operations of UPAP was squashed by the courts with caution to the government agencies. Today, read how far the Black Wall Street and UPAP have gone.

1.BWS App- there is now a BWS App with its cutting edge functions of Shop, Invest, Jobs, TV and Social Media opening with 11 professional Economic programs for participation by over 50 Million Africans paying $2 per week in App subscription costs ($100M dollars per week expected over the next 6-9 months). (Get to know more here)

2.Fintech- there is now a financial systems technology integrated with the BWS App so payments can be moved automatically from user’s mobile money, PayPal or bank account into the system and also pay out both dividends and salaries also automatically through users phones into their mobile money, PayPal or bank accounts. You can do it all by yourself from payments to Points and Investment through your phone anywhere you are. 

3. Economic Circle- there is now an unprecedented social media developed by the Black Wall Street called Economic Circle with functions to create economic groups, drive projects, and create mass sensitization and involvement in the development of Africa’s economy. Local business advertising on this EC costs only $20 per week subscription and over 3 million businesses will be enrolled in the next 12 months with revenues exceeding $60 million dollars per week from this alone. 

4. Platform Pro- an MOU was signed called India-Africa Technology Pact which will bring in 11,000 Indian IT instructors to work through the BWS App in teaching Africans how to use the BWS App to improve their economic fortunes. Over 80 Top News Sites in India have carried story of the MOU and 3 of the largest Indian Job Sites involved in a campaign to recruit the people. 

5. Job Portal and Certificates to Earn:  Black Wall Street has implemented a revolution and mutiny that leads to total control Africa’s Labour Force through the Job Portal on the BWS App which has millions of jobs available at any point in time for anyone across Africa and the new Certificates to Earn which provides practical business trainings for all economic undertakings in Africa and the Labour Capacity review which introduces new metrics for job placement. This alone is a $5 billion dollars per annum ingenuity which is now available for market domination. 


With this and many more reasons why you need to buy your UPAP Stock, the good news is that there is now a Payment Plan System which you can easily manage from your phone by yourself. It now costs only $100 to reserve a slot of UPAP and take it off the system. Take advantage of this.

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