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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Confusion as pastor absconds with congregants phones and money after crusade in Ibadan

Some residents in the ancient city of Ibadan, Nigeria have been thrown into what can be termed a 'state of confusion' after attending a crusade organized by a Gambian pastor with the name Owen Abraham.

The alleged clergyman was learnt to have disappeared with 52 phones, some money and other valuable items belonging to the worshippers.

Abraham was claimed to have been directed by God to host a crusade in Ibadan, Oyo state, in the Aponrin area of Agbowo neighborhood.

The suppose Man of God had allegedly tricked his victims into a 3-days fasting and prayer but was nowhere to be found on the final/3rd day after all efforts to reach him proved abortive.

Pastor Abraham had deceived the worshippers on the note that he was being instructed by the Holy Spirit to tell the congregation to drop their phones, money and other valuable items on the last day of the crusade.

Unfortunately, he absconded with the valuable items and nowhere to be found as at the time of this report.

A widow who was one of the victims, Mrs Grace Akintola, disclosed that the pastor had persuaded and convinced many widows to join the crusade while promising them each a bag of food, some cash and other gifts.

"the evangelist collected their phones so as to keep it away from them and focus on the prayers. Unknowingly, it was a trick to get our belongings. He said no phone should ring, that was why he collected all the phones. In fact, a lady stood up and wanted to take his photographs but he seized the phone from her. On the last day of the crusade, he said he wanted to go and rest at the hotel where he lodged. He later said he wanted to go and eat at UI; we don’t know how he escaped with our belongings. As a man of God, we respected him a lot, we didn’t know that he wanted to use the name of God to dupe us”, she said.

His image and poster have since been declared wanted in the affected community.

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