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Friday, November 19, 2021

Woman in coma for 60 days wakes up after family fixed funeral

After being in coma state for 60 days, a US woman identified as Bettina Lerman, was about to get her life-support switched off when she miraculosly and suddenly woke up.

69-years-old Bettina had tested positive for Covid-19 around September.

A report by Washington Post indicates that her son Andrew, disclosed that her mother was unvaccinated and that doctors had already given up on her after being in coma for over a month.

Andrew said burial arrangements had been made when he received a call from the doctor with unexpected and shocking news.

"The doctor told me I needed to go to the hospital right away. So I inquired whether something was wrong, and he said to me that my mother had just woken up. I literally dropped the phone. We were supposed to be terminating life support that day," he said.


While Andrew and his wife rushed to the hospital to confirm the doctor's claim, his mother told him she was aware of the people that visited her during coma.

Source: Washington Post, CNN

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