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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Help! How Do I Tell My Husband He Is Not The Father Of Our First Son (fiction)

I know you would all blame me but i was too emotionally weak to resist Geoffrey. And now, I am faced with the seem impossible task to confess to Donald he's not the biological father of Einstein.

Woman worried and in need of advice

It all started six years ago with Geoffrey, everybody assumed we were match-made from heaven. Geoffrey was all I wanted and needed in a man, Tall, Dark and Handsome. 

One year into our relationship, it was as if the world revolved around us. Love! And on the Ninth month into our courtship, Alas! He proposed and my dream seemed coming into reality.

All plans for the wedding were on course, little did I know my world would soon be shattered. Days before our wedding and we were advised based on medical grounds to check our compatibility.

I could not believe it, Geoffrey was a dominant Sickle Cell carrier (SS), and i AS (Genotype). The union was kicked against, Oh! It was either Geoffrey for me or no one.

Despite pleas from us to risk it and continue the marriage, it only fell on deaf pleas on our parents. The odds were against us and we mutually agreed to go our separate ways.

Geoffrey demanded a 'parting gift' from me and the rest they say is history. Don't blame me! I just couldn't resist him and gave him a hot farewell s*x. 

Time flies they say, fast forward 8 to 10 months later I met Donald and we wasted no time and got married. This time the odds were well favoured for us.

Four years into our marriage now and we have two beautiful kids, Einsten our first son and Priscilla, his kid sister.

It all started with the striking resemblance of Einstein with Geoffrey, it was so obvious that I had to secretly go for a DNA test and alas my doubt was proven. Geoffrey was the biological father of Einstein.

Only known to me and eating me up, I am in dilemma. How do I tell Donald the true event? Einstein is two years old, how do I tell the true story to him in years to come?

Donald has been a good man in our years of marriage and I can't stand losing him as a result of my past mistake with Geoffrey. On the other end, my conscience is troubled knowing fully well Donald is not the father of Einstein but my ex, Geoffrey.

Help! What do I do? My marriage is at stake.

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